Work Station and Trouble with Google Ads (CY 2018)

Not to get too deeply into affiliate marketing but here’s a small insight to online income. I’m not sure why but the rule is never give out a web address to friends etc. Links OK but not an affiliate web address.

Remember I got shut down by Amazon because they thought I was doing something similar. Article 09 or 19 of terms and conditions.

And Google sending me a warning that a few of my ads to not T&C. I have 3 or 4 sites, a total of a few hundred or more pages in languages. I’m supposed to go through them looking a potential violation? You know how much time that going to take? Wild goose chase.

And any violation I have are incidental, are due to the ever changing programming and networking going on. It’s the tech industry’s own complexity that is is the crux of the problem. Constantly shoving features in you way and you have to wade through a million things to get a small thing done.

From the comfort of your home now has an ominous sound to it.

Its a bit like a night’s stay in the hospital is part of the ‘package’. My first brush with packaged medicine. More on this quirky little business later.

Another 10 minutes of bi-aural. Or six.

Stewart Innes workstation Tycoon CY 2018

Stewart Innes workstation Tycoon CY 2018

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