The BLM Con: Redemption

Redemption, validation, indeed salvation. Sooner than expected and from the least likely source  and once my favourite newspaper, The Guardian. 

It seems black lives don’t matter quite so much, now that we’ve got to the hard bit

After being demonized, ostracised (as in un-friended on FB), labelled, and aggressed for daring to suggest that racial protests are short lived knee jerk reactions and therefore ineffective. That they lack commitment.

That change can only be achieved by the long slog of political commitment,  organization, and action and that such commitment does not exist.

That the protestors will eventually go home and the whole thing will die down. That it’s happened time and time again. (last reported protest in London: The Guardian, June 18, 2020)

That protestors are quick to react and demonstrate outrage and break shit up but they are not committed. That most protestors are weekend warriors, extremists with alternative agendas, and vandals with nothing better to do.  

Thank you for taking a hard look and asking the hard questions.  Try do it sooner next time instead of fanning the flames as you did last time. 

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