Summer 2016 Cycling Holiday | Amsterdam | Clever Composites

Today I went west along the coast at the advise of this luvly young lady who I think is quite smart because she is studying something called (or about) advance composite dynamics.

In my opinion, most people studying advance dynamics composites (I think it’s the first, advance composite dynamics) must be very very clever indeed.

Now what you’re doing here is fiddling about with the dynamics of advanced composites (that might be it).


Advanced composites are new chemical recipes for making new more complex and dynamic materials. Good ex youll be familiar is carnon fiber used in many things that rewuire very strong yet very light materials.

They make a lot of sporting things – windsurf masts, frames for aircraft, the skins of drones and othet stealth apps.

Neutral xray signature. Neg 2 or more radsig.

Now these here blades are made of one such composite with a clever inside indeed because the are basically hollow – or filled with a latice work of hexagons – like the bees.

What this does is absorb the energy of the wind that forces them to bend backward.

They bend back to a certain tolerance beyond which they start to stress and try to get summer-2016-cycling-holiday-amsterdam-1back to straight.

So the wind is blowing them in one direction and they are bending and trying to straighten.

You now have to forces working which in opposition which means of you have a 10 k wind, the two opposing forces actually make a 20 k effect.

Get it?

But it doesn’t stop there. They did not stop at taking a 10k wind and generate 20k of electricity from it.

They took a 10k wind and are producing energy to the tune of a 35 – 40 k wind.

Another factor engineered into the blades is they change shape to get the most out of the wind no matter what conditions.

Varying speed of spin can effect efficiency by upto 50%. Remove that factor with some clever composition of advanced dynamics (no, definitely not), and you just fine from power of 10k wind to power of over 30k wind.

There’s a couple other tricks that squeeze more power.

I told you they’re clever fuckers.

Now what got me interested in spinning things is probably that incident at that hotel where there was a fan blowing on the reception desk.

The day I arrived in Amsterdam was quite hot.

So I’m coming across this far from Mediterranean attitude that the Dutch in the service industry all have, that slightly too short one, for about the first time.

And there’s this fan running on the reception desk.

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