Summer 2016 Cycling Holiday | Cyprus | Prepping

Finally I decided to return to Cyprus, liberate the Ghost Bike which I totally fell in love with and see about starting my first ever cycling holiday.

Ghost Bike and Souflaki in Cyprus

So I collected the bike from  Savvas from whom I bought the bike (and who kindly offered to keep it while I was away and who has quickly become a friend) and stopped at my favourite Souflaki shop in Old Limassol.

Ghost Bike and Souflaki in Limassol Cyprus

And promptly demolished it. They make very particular souflakis with fried bread and a garlicky youghurt.

Ghost Bike liberated in Limassol Cyprus with a typical demolished Souflaki.jpg

And stopped at this cool little pub in the narrow streets of the old city that has this luvly jubly bike outside. Of course it’s not going anywhere in a hurry.

I took these pictures with my brand new Samsung Galaxy S7 phone and the below was the first time I shared a picture from my phone to Facebook. (So this is how you share a photo on Facyface!)

Ghost Bike liberated in Limassol Cyprus sampling the nightlife

I had a vague plan of touring Cyprus by bike then either taking the bike to Amsterdam or flying there and buying another Ghost bike there.

My itinerary was Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and then maybe cross that fancy bridge to Sweden or head to Berlin. You can probably tell I was looking for as flat as possible destinations.

I am far from a purist and would have been OK taking the bike on trains from city to city and using it for touring around these cities.

Equipping the bike for a Biking Holiday

However, until now, I’d never done anything like this and was having a hard time figuring it all out.

I have no equipment whatsoever so I researched the sort of gear that I need from Amazon and ordered a Nexify Bicycle Rearx Luggage Rack and the M-Wave Amsterdam Triple Deluxe Pannier – Black.

I liked this specific rack because my bike has 29 inch wheels and there are not many that would fit it. The bike also has disk brakes so the attachments had to accommodate that bulge.

Nexify Bicycle Rearx Luggage Rack from Amazon

It was all so complicated, I had absolutely no experience, and I didn’t want to order something that won’t fit. It’s not like I could just try it and change it on the spot. Amazon deliveries to Cyprus were going to take a week to 15 days.

I needed the flexibility and the Nexify was very flexible and could be attached to the rear axels thus avoiding the while brake set up.

As for the Amsterdam pannier, well I was planning on going to Amsterdam so there was some serendipity, it was big, had reflectors, and could be converted into a backpack – which I thought was great – and would make travelling through airports with the bike easier.

M-Wave Amsterdam Triple Deluxe Pannier - Black

Also you could configure it in several ways and it had loads of external compartments for storing little stuff for quick access.


And I Really Like These Solar Device Chargers

I’ve always fancied these solar phone chargers and decided on the big, sexy, RAVPower 24W Solar Charger with Triple USB Ports.

Solar device charger RAVPower 24W Solar Charger with Triple USB Ports

Did I need quite so much charging power? I did not think so. Did I think it was a really cool piece of gear to have? Absolutely.

More detailed review of the RAVPower 24W Solar Charger here.

So I went for it too.

I had also been researching cameras and ordered a Mirrorless Canon Camera – Specifically the Canon EOS M10 Camera with 15 – 45 mm and a 55-200mm Lens.

More details about Mirrorless cameras the Canon EOS M10 here.

So, from my hotel in Limassol, Cyprus, I got to work and started ordering and the wait started.

This here is what my workbench looked like. See the beer?  Ghost Bike Limassol Cyprus and ordering travel accossories

And since every other knucklehead is doing it and seeing how vital it is for half the world to see what I’m eating …

Ghost Bike and Souflaki in Limassol Cyprus

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