Baghdad to Kuwait Convoy – Non-secure for better security

Refueling stop on the road from Baghdad to Kuwait circa May 12 2003.  The idea was to join other convoys headed south with armed personnel. Read my take on survival in hostile environments and you’ll see why the ‘secure’ convoy was hit, with two dead and four hostages. Three were later released. No news ever emerged of the fourth.

Keep a low profile people.


Day off in Afghanistan

9040363617_11332fcc9b_bIn what eventually became signature tactical lowers and posh white shirt cover. The less tactical the better, I eventually concluded.

Mug and the Beauty – Hezbollah Elections, Southern Lebanon9039901669_620460c463_b

In Nabatiyyeh Hezbollah stronghold, Southern Lebanon during a heated election campaign in which Hezbollah looked set to win – and eventually did.  Several people die in ancillary violence, of course, because nothing in the Middle East can be done without several people dying in ancillary violence. The posters are for Nancy Ajram, a very famous typical Lebanese-drop-dead-gorgeous type singer.

Heavy weapons ‘graveyard just south of Baghdad 9039902033_2626bbee04_c

Acre upon acre of desert filled with damaged and obsolete heavy weaponry – the result of decades of a mismanaged militant regime.


Expecting the Worse from Israeli Bombardment of Southern Lebanon (circa July 2006)