Affiliate Marketing and a Rather Abrupt Amazon

Here is some product photography. I’ve been affiliate marketing – one way or the other – for about three years now, out of mainly two websites. One of the focuses on international man of mystery stuff and both are in Arabic. There’s a couple of other English language sites out there. One of which would immediately be identified as mine. They all also run Google ads.

                                                                               Here’s a fun knife from Amazon
Stewart-Innes-Ghost-affiliate knife It started with a small site affiliated to Amazon. Weeks later and there were a few sales and things were looking up when I get a suspension notice from Amazon. It was rather offhanded, draconian, and sounded permanent and said I had violated terms and conditions section where it says I encouraged people to buy through my site the wrong way.

Which I hadn’t.

There were a couple of unusual orders that spiked sales on my account, someone buying art supplies and home decor materials ets. That’s what I understood from my statement from Amazon. Nobody i asked saw any real problems with any of my sites or any clear violations. I built the sites myself. They’re not Marie Claire but that’s no-one’s business.

There are some teary stories on youtube about people been relying on Amazon for years and just got a e mail and were shut down. Just like that. People. I understand, with responsibilities, with families that they are supporting by affiliations to big companies like Amazon.

Bottom line is, yeah, there’s a million affiliate programs out there but if your not on Amazon then you’re not anywhere.

Now I like Jeff Bezos, I remember reading interviews with him When Amazon was but a twinkle in his eye – I think the first time he gave a reason for the name.

But i felt mistreated. I was give the data attitude. This is not what I think of Jeff. I think of him as an entrepreneur, a visionary, and a disruptor. But there’s been a slew of negative publicity of Amazon work conditions and so forth, but Amazon stock are up a good cpl points today.

Work come a knocking. I need to finish this story.

This picture could be considered product photography but I’ll load something a bit more substantial and indicative.

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