We need to listen in new ways.

I returned back to Limassol and checked into this place last night – it’s where I spent much of last summer. Feels more like home.
Having rode about a third the way to Larnaca upwind, the noise of the wind in my ears bringing back bad memories from another ride I did in the opposite direction last summer, also upwind.
I was also overloaded, wanting to be ready for the harsh conditions that I would meet in London. I wanted to arrive Gatwick and cycle up to Parliament to try get an answer. Why not as second referendum?
Why not a referendum every year or two? The Swiss have five a year. They pop into their booth, tick their little boxes on whatever national issue has been proposed, and carry on with their day. Seems to me they’re doing quite well.
Someone would have quoted me the cost, the £ 140 million rough estimated for the last one. First, that doesn’t seem to me like an awful lot, but also its because referenda are one offs in the UK. If they were done regularly we’d be a lot more efficient at it. It becomes cheaper and is a great way to follow the mood of the people on this and other national interests.
Eliminate in middle men of politics, with their politics, opinions, and interests. I does not seem to me that elections are so representative of reality any more.
How much does a parliamentary or general election cost? And how often do we do those just to choose the lesser evil of two politicians?
Have a referendum now so that we can be sure which way to proceed because this here looks like a train-wreck in slow motion.
Then another in two years. And while we’re at it why not ask a couple of other questions of national interest, seeing as we’ve become so good at doing referendums now. Questions like more funding for the NHS, cut backs on the police, and what concession shall we bring up with the EU this week?
You’ve got a bargaining chip right there.
I was hoping someone would give me answers without telling the ‘let me be perfectly clear’.
PS: Yes, one of those upwind winds not matter which way you go. Its seasonal. The turbines I saw coming in from the airport were facing the opposite direction than in the summer kite-surfing season.
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