Summer 2016 Cycling Holiday | Cyprus | Recovering from Brexit

Still fuming from the Brexit debacle and impatient for my stuff to arrive from Amazon so I can start on my first bike trip, I messed about with the little Nikon Coolpix camera to see what I could get out of it.

After a bit of a faff with settings and what have you, here’s a nice picture of a bee approaching a flower.
Shooting bees with Nikon coolpix

But … Brexit Brexit Fucking Brexit

There was this hilarious video doing the rounds on just how stupid politicians, particularly that great lying oaf Boris Johnson, could be. And how greedy and how they could have the gall to flush the country down the drain for their own personal ambitions.

And of course how they could get away with their lies.

To quote Boris in this video:

“What do you mean we won?!
We were never actually supposed to WIN!
What the actual fuck am I supposed to do now?
We can’t leave the EU, that’s fucking mental.”

Hilarious, even under the weight if the insanity that had occurred.

And I posted videos on my FB page like this one below.  It’s unbelievable that an elephant can paint like that and I’m still trying to figure out if there’s any trickery involved – but to be honest doesn’t look like there is!


I also went on a long trip on Pink Floyd, perhaps try to take myself back to a time when things made sense, before personal egos, greed and ambition allowed the committing of  mass public fraud with impunity.

The days in Cyprus passed in a pleasant stupor of breakfast by the pool, chilling in the pool, cycling down to the beach, lunch drinks and dinner in the old town and back to the hotel for more beers and sleep.

And of course soaking up every little detail in the Brexit insanity, looking for a ray of hope, even in places like this.

If you didn’t know about his links to Genghis Khan, Oswald Mosely, the yak, peas (yes, little round green peas), and The Universe it’s because they are links that Jeremy Corbyn Doesn’t Want You To Know About and he cunningly hid them behind a façade of dusty, academic, vaguery.

Six Links Jeremy Corbyn Doesn’t Want You To Know About


Another one who made an inkling of sense in for fleeting moment but deserves the label if losing the vote on Brexit and ultimately, and I hope this sticks with him, one of the idiot architects responsible for the breakup of the United Kingdom. Fucking twat!

OK, so I was still seething.

I needed some shopping therapy – and to explain that loud red shirt from two posts back.

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