Summer 2016 Cycling Holiday | Amsterdam | Cops

That’s the same policeman smiled and was very very friendly indeed.

He’s on the horse at the front of the column – looking directly at me and smiling in greeting – for the third time in two days!


Recognized me, said something to lady cop his 3.

She clocked me too. Yeah I got your backs buddy.

This is the third time this guy now’s at me in two days since my arrival.

Once at some intersection yseterday. I was kind of standing there looking happless, wondering which way to go or if I should take a picture of something.

I turned and there were these three cops standing about ten meters away. This guy was there, looking over at me, when our eyes met he smiled and nodded.

Second time I was standing at a canal, wondering about taking pictures when this patril boat comes along and there he is. Sitting in the front, a foot up on the railing the way only a chief might do.

Again, he was looking at me smiling, and when I saw he he nodded pleasantly again.


And then again today, I’, siting at this cafe fiddling about with things. There was some kind of demonstration further along, you could hear the protesting, and then these cops ride out on their huge beasts of horses.

I watched them taking position on the bridge, and as I took the picture I realised there he is again! Looking directly at me. Smiling his friendly, efficient, tough, yet polite smile!


They’re nice, these people. Very efficient.

The attitude here of the police (politie) appears to be one of tough, friendly efficiency.

Even their Centrum Politie (polite, polite, get it) Headquarters is friendly, wonky, and done in a way that gives tribute to the architecture of their city.

See how it’s leaning? The way many buildings in Amsterdam do.  That’s it, the glass building below.


I had another couple of run ins with cops.

Amsterdam hotels were packed and it was hard (and expensive) to find a room.

I’d spent the afternoon wandering around the city and when I came across a hotel I’d pop in and ask if they had a room.










Finally I found one and booked myself in. By now it was quite late and I went in search of the hotel I’d slept in the night before and where I’d left my stuff. And couldn’t find it.

SO I headed back in the direction I thought my new place was in, but alas, I had no idea where it is. The only reference I had for where it is was a blank white key card. No help whatsoever.

I made a night of it with a few drinks and then walked the streets again in search of my hotel. I was hopelessly lost and completely disoriented.

It was nearly dawn and I was exhausted. There were some people milling about a white monument somewhere so I went to sit for a while, leaned back, and next thing I’m being woken up by two cops.

Very friendly, polite, and smiling, but there was no mistaking the fact that they weren’t having anyone sleeping there.


Above: A selfie I’d taken earlier that night. Clean yellow Amsterdam T-Shirt, camera bag, etc.

The cops, clever as they are, put two and two together, figured me for nes in the city, lost, and just put my head down for a bit. They were really very nice.

Still, everything about them spoke of my moving on as the best option. I obliged most readily indeed!



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