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A Brilliant Piece of Work

The solar power pack from Levin is a brilliant piece of work.

What starts off as simply a backup emergency system quickly becomes part of your daily routine helping you to charge everywhere while going about your daily business.

It is powerful, yet colorful, stylish and lightweight. This makes it a great companion for hiking, traveling, camping, flights and remote and extended ops.

Solar-Powered-Phone-Charger-by-Levin-3442-شاحن-للأجهزة-المتنقلة-بالطاقة-الشمسية-300x300 Solar-Powered-Phone-Charger-by-Levin-5شاحن-للأجهزة-المتنقلة-بالطاقة-الشمسية-300x300

And of course this is the end of worrying about how to charge your phone when you’re away in a remote location far from any electric sockets. It’s a real win win situation.

Recharge the device by either sitting it in light (solar charge) or plug it into the USB port on a computer or laptop. You can also charge it from the mains electricity with a USB adaptor.

Charging it from a USB socket is much faster that using the solar charge – but the solar charge is ready work wherever you are.

Will charge any device that is chargeable with a USB (iPhones, Windows and Android Phones, small tablets, cameras and other USB chargeable devices).

Drop and Shock Proof & Water Resistant

Solar Powered Phone Charger from Levin has a tough rubberized silicone exterior for shock absorption. Solar-Powered-Phone-Charger-by-Levin-2-شاحن-للأجهزة-المتنقلة-بالطاقة-الشمسية-300x300

Textured back panel and serrated side grips for easy, and comfortable handling even when wet.

Rugged enough to handle dropping and harsh conditions. It is also rain proof that you can hang it on your backpack even while it’s raining.

Great to dump into your pack and forget about it, and easy to rummage through and find it when needed.


On off switch with blue LED light power / charge indicator in 25% increments. Light turns green to indicate that the power pack is recharging.

Solar-Powered-Phone-Charger-by-Levin-9شاحن-للأجهزة-المتنقلة-بالطاقة-الشمسية-300x300Highly sensitive solar panel. Since it’s water resistant you can have it sitting in the rain to catch what ambient sunlight is available to recharge.

Charges even in low ambient or diffuse sunlight (cloudy, overcast day or under a thick forest canopy or solid cover) or indoor artificial light.

Two USB outlets sealed by rubber covers to maintain water and dust resistance when not in use.

Charge two devices at once.Solar-Powered-Phone-Charger-by-Levin-372-شاحن-للأجهزة-المتنقلة-بالطاقة-الشمسية

Mini USB output for charging the device from a USB port (from a computer or wall charger with a USB adaptor).

Built in LED torch light for extra tactical utility. A great emergency light and helps when plugging in your devices for recharging in the dark. Since the light is powered by the battery pack, you effectively have a rechargeable torch with you at all times. This is not a full on tactical grade light but a reasonable utility for occasional use.

Anti explosion, lightweight, 5000 mAh lithium polymer battery. Enough for two full charges of a mobile phone. Recharges upto 1,000 times over the life of one battery.

Solar Panel input: 1.2 W (which is pretty good for a solar panel this size). Output: 5 V.

Available in several colors: choose a discreet tactical color or bright beachy color to suit you taste and needs.

               Solar-Powered-Phone-Charger-by-Levin-2018-شاحن-للأجهزة-المتنقلة-بالطاقة-الشمسية-150x150 Solar-Powered-Phone-Charger-by-Levin-2017-32-شاحن-للأجهزة-المتنقلة-بالطاقة-الشمسية-150x150Solar-Powered-Phone-Charger-by-Levin-2016-شاحن-للأجهزة-المتنقلة-بالطاقة-الشمسية-150x150

Solar phone charger

Levin Solar Powered Phone Charger Pack Includes:

Lightning and micro USB cable adapters – and wide adaptor for older iPhones. You don’t need to worry about any extra cables to charge your phone. You can use the short cable included with this pack or any other USB cable you have and is convenient for you.

Includes carabine hoist clip so you can clip it to your backpack or clothing to Solar-Powered-Phone-Charger-by-Levin-2016-2-شاحن-للأجهزة-المتنقلة-بالطاقة-الشمسية-300x300

charge  while on the move. Particularly useful with molly webbing gear.

Small sticky (suction sticker pads) pad to attach the charger to your phone or stick it against a surface facing the sun if there’s nothing to hang it on. Not great but a good bit of extra utility.

 Solar phone charger

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