Pictures in Kuwait 1 – Nikon Coolpix

It’s rather a complicate affair. There are all sorts of images to be captured but what is one doing by taking them?

You see great image and take it and freeze the moment to do what with it.

It brings up that analogy of what does the dog do with the wheel if he catches it.

kuwait-ministry-of-foreign-affairs-old-dhowsOld and new – sadly not much of the old is left in Kuwait.

kuwait-plants-on-the-beachBacklighting on these plants on the beach.

kuwait-building-Nikon-CoolpixPattern of a building under construction.


Ladies on the beach reflect the structure of the passing cargo ship.

fisherrman-in-kuwaitBacklit net and beard. Not the picture that I had in mind.

Romanticising garbage collector. Cliché, but hey.

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