Paragliding in Kyrenia – Cyprus

So the next day …


Above: It really does look like the world beneath us on so many levels. See the map of the world in the sea? And how the world is divided into land and sea?

Jumping off a 2500 foot high cliff was an unusual experience.

You think you’re about to go crashing to the bottom but somehow your feet lift gently up into the air and your moving against what you always knew about the law of physics.

It’s the silence of it all that gets to you because you’re expecting some form of mechanics to keep you from falling and indeed raising you higher.

But that crutch of man made machinery that always makes flying seem a little less unlikely and shields you from the reality of what you’re doing is absent.

There is no man made wizardry here. It’s the laws of physics that are working in the opposite direction for you.

Below: In this picture I demonstrate the deep tread on the soles of the Columbia Lightweight Sneakers.  And the deep heel grove that keeps your feet nicely locked onto the pedals of a bicycle even when changing gears.


Also, Osman very wisely said not to look into the screen on the camera for long and he was right. The absence of sensory stability of feet on the ground, the unexpected and unfamiliar movement of the horizon, and the changing effect of gravity on your breakfast, your going to get air sick.

I’d filmed out of helicopters a couple of times and should have known what to expect.

Any case, Osman’s wise words alerted me the second I started to seel queesy from the camera screen.

Below: Reverse psychology? Would this be a selfie of a selfie of sorts or a photograph of a selfie or a photograph of a photograph being taking of me?


Chacka chacka at about 5000 feet.


Even way up here, messing about at the cutting edge of physics, let us not forget to that’s for some, like Turkcell, it’s business as usual. .


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