Knuckleheads and Their Food

Seeing as knuckleheads everywhere are seeing it fit to share the glory of every meal they have with half the world (the wired half that is) I shall henceforth see to it that said half of the world is subjected to my own grub.

So here goes.

Breakfast at the Captain’s View, Paphos, Cyprus.


As we all know eggs are rich in protein and choline. As we also know, they contain amino acid tryptophan which is a precursor to serotonin.

As we should all know serotonin – also known as the happiness hormone because it is responsible for regulating mood and keeping you basically happy.

They are also exceedingly good for you in many ways and plenty of recent evidence has emerged that they have been given a bad rap unfairly. Here are some of the health benefits of eggs from our friendly local BBC no less.

They are also very filling and a dose of omelettes in the morning keeps you going all day.

SO that was my two bits on nutrition for the day. Off to bike down the coast.

Lunch of Fish and Chips at (I’ll have to check!)


This blogging lark will take some getting used to – as in keeping track of where one eats for starters.

Fish and chips really does not taste the same without newsprint ink.


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