Ghost Bikes – Takana 2

Two words about Ghost bikes. ‘kin amazing. Looking for a mountain bike to scratch your itch? Close your eyes and trust in the no nonsense German design, engineering, and quality of Ghost bikes.


I have been on this bike full time for two months, disassembled it at put it together three times, had it bashed about by baggage handlers, bashed it about myself on beaches, mountains (day and  night) and five or six different cities in three countries and have not had a single problem with it.

Not one little issue (except when I had a bunjee get stuck in the back wheel and my own bungling reassembly of the steering mechanism).

 And it’s elegant too. People everywhere have had something to say. Even in Amsterdam, the cycling capital of the world, people had something to say about it.

In this picture Savas (whose fault it is that I bought it) are testing my dodgy reassembly of the steering mechanism.



About that Steering Issue

I’d disassembled the steering in Amsterdam Airport to fit the bike in a box to fly with it to Liverpool. I reassembled it in the parking lot of Liverpool Airport under street lights and seem to have a lost a ring along the way making the steering somewhat shaky.

 A lesser bike would not have withstood the abuse it received thereafter but Ghost bikes, like many things German, are engineered to withstand tolerances several layers beyond the initial design.

Buying a Ghost Bike

So how is it Savvas’ fault that I am the proud owner of a Ghost bike? A couple of months ago  I’d passed by casually asking if they rented bikes and they said they didn’t. This beauty was on display.

 I could not help but admire the fine engineering, the precision welding, the finely cut brakes, the Shimano gear and Tektro brake works (not that I had a clue what these things meant only a couple of months ago when I bought it – quite on impulse).

The whole machine spoke to me of fine German engineering. I tell people that I bought a bunch of bells and whistles and got a free bike with them.

And what a bike it has shown itself to be. I have very quickly, and for good reason, become a Ghost Bike devotee.


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