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During this period of waiting for my stuff to arrive from Amazon, the unreal nightmarish business of Brexit Fraud came to fruition.

The Hysterically Funny Reality of Brexit Fraud

I’ll let this guy tell it because he hit the nail on the head – and it would be hilarious of it wasn’t such a fucking catastrophe.

This guy has tried to sum up the post-Brexit situation in the UK on Facebook and it’s ABSURD

Brexit mania, brexit caryziness, insanity

Benjamin Timothy Blaine has tried to sum up the post-Brexit Britain and it’s well worth a read – people are enjoying it too – with over 11,000 shares so far:

It starts like this …

So, let me get this straight… the leader of the opposition campaigned to stay but secretly wanted to leave, so his party held a non-binding vote to shame him into resigning so someone else could lead the campaign to ignore the result of the non-binding referendum which many people now think was just angry people trying to shame politicians into seeing they’d all done nothing to help them.

… and just gets better … well worth a read – hilarious.

Although I’m trying to make light of it, I’m angry. The liars and cheat and frauds won and everyone is sitting with their fingers up their asses. I’m angry at the fraud that was committed. But more I’m angry at the people who are entrusted to protect the nation from fraud and who, by all we can see, are complicit in the fraud.

The Brexit saga lay bare the manipulation, lying, fraud and greed of the ruling establishment – legislative and executive alike, like no other event ever has.

Brexit Fraud

Every one of these politicians, including Nigel Farrage but particularly that lying, cheating, conniving joke Boris Johnson must be held accountable and thrown in jail for fraud.

Boris Johnson had the popular touch and people listened to him. I used to like him. I mean the guy cycles around London and is a bit of a buffoon. What’s not to like?

But he is blinded by his own greedy, selfish political ambition.

He has exposed himself as a fraud and committed fraud on a scale not seen in our country.Quite literally.

If This Ain’t Fraud What Is?

Look, see this picture below. There’s the lying. There’s the fraud. What are you, Serious Fraud Office, waiting for. Evidence of fraud?

Nigel-Farage Brexit fraudAnd look at this. There, right below. There’s the fraud being committed. In plain sight. In public. In red and white. There’s the cheating and lying going on right in front of your faces. Right in front of the whole fucking country. If that’s not lying then what is? If that’s not fraud then what is?

Boris Johnson Brexit Fraud and lies

They LIED. There is no other way to put it. They committed mass fraud for their own personal gain and MUST be held accountable.

I tick a box on some official document and I am subject to a good seeing to by the Serious Fraud Office. I was threatened with persecution, with fines and even a possible jail term for misrepresenting a truth.

It took months of stress and expensive lawyers to clear up the fact that I’d ticked the box that most closely represented my situation. That none of the answers I was required to choose from actually represented my reality.

Yet here you have these people lying, nay committing fraud,  to an entire nation. Mass manipulation, mass fraud, mass misrepresentation, mass damage to the entire country.

They committed fraud in public and on television and online and in newspaper and web articles and on social media.

The lied in words, letters, pictures, posts, and deeds.

They committed mass fraud.

Why aren’t they being investigated for fraud? Why aren’t they being called the cheating liars that they are? Why not? What interests do you, oh justice system, of fraud office, are you protecting.

Brexit Fraud has Broken Up the United Kingdom

The double standards are so shameful, I have practically decided to quit the UK, if there’s any UK left.

Two years ago I was stressed about the Scottish referendum to leave the UK because I am a proud citizen of this great country.

But now I am proud to be Scottish because we saw through the lies and fraud being perpetrated.

Now what? We the Scottish have the choice of partners: Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Holland and the all the rest of Europe as our partners on the one hand. And who’s on the other hand? The English.

Honestly, really, even if you’re English, who would you choose?

I am now a supporter of Scotland leaving the United Kingdom. And how many other Scots were pushed over to the other side by the manipulative fraudsters of Brexit?

I am a proud Scotsman, but I am (or was) a prouder Brit, a member of an international elite who belong to and are a part of Great Britain, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Churchill’s blood runs through my veins. I am more proud of being British, of being part of that great heritage and history. But now that heritage has been gutted out of my identity.

He would be turning in his grave at the way you snivelling bastards have broken up the nation we were all so proud to be a part of.
You’ve broken the Union, reduced us from a proud, coherent nation to fragments of our once proud whole you greedy fuckers.

I am now a Brexit refugee. A refugee not from war or conflict or economic hardship, but a refugee from fraud, lying, double standards. I am a refugee from Brexit Fraud.

What Next for the United Kingdom?

Anybody given it any thought?

Have you thought about a new flag Mr. Johnson? You should. A new flag for a new country after you tore apart the country we were once all so proud of. Please, I’m curious to see what you have in mind.

That’s you’r legacy Boris Johnson, that’s what you are. The lying, greedy, fraud who ripped apart the United Kingdom for your own, greedy self. That’s what history will remember you for. The fraud who broke up the country with his lies.

Boris Johnson - Brexit fraud- liar and cheat

And you Mr. Farage.

You be goin go need invent yourself a new passport coz that one ain’t not working like it should no more. Coz you lied and cheated. Coz you ripped the nation apart. Coz you be a fraud.

Nigel-Farage-Brexit fraud-lying cheat

Happy with your legacy? The man who lied to the country and broke up the United Kingdom. You like the sound of that?

At least we always knew where you were coming from. You had the some good ideas to start but your greed took over, didn’t it?

But that other liar above, he’s two faced. He’s been a fraud all along but no-one saw it.

Fuck You All, You Are Brexit Fraud

Fuck you all. Politicians, government and the Serious Fraud Office. You’re all covering something. You’re all part of the same dirty game. You’re all for your own greedy self interest.

You are all responsible for allowing a few people to commit the biggest fraud in our nation’s history to go unpunished.

But do check who ticked which box so that you can waste taxpayer time and money investigating trivialities to justify your existence? Oh yes, let’s do.

You’re all complicit in the destruction of a nation, in the breaking up of the United Kingdom we were all once so proud of.

You’re complicit in gutting out my heritage and the heritage of an entire nation.

Yes, the breakup of the United Kingdom is on your shoulders. You are all responsible for it you lying, cheating, two faced bastards.

And really do persecute me for speaking my mind.

Boris Johnson is a Brexit Fraud

Thank you Mr. Johnson. Here’s your company. Enjoy. You earned it and you deserve it.

But the last laugh is yet to be had.

Boris Johnson Brexit Fraud

Well done.

But in order to take my mind off things and calm down a bit I had another beer and posted this funny picture from UNILAD on my Facebook page (stewart.innes.58)

Brexit Fraud

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