Buying a Ghost Bike

Last summer (2015) while on holiday in Cyprus (a bolthole I regularly bolt to for decompression)I bought a Ghost Bike Tacana 2.


I used to be the sort of person who rented beat up bicycles on occasion to get around various cities. Usually in my estimation I went with the motto beat-upper-the-better.

Perhaps it was the old habit  up of playing things down so as not to attract attention. A habit I half consciously developed over years in hostile environments.

In any case I walked past a bike shop in Limassol and asked if they rented and they said no – only sell.

On prominent display was the afore mentioned Ghost bicycle looking good and inviting me to browse.

And indeed it was a good looking and well engineered piece of work.

I noted the welding, the finely crafted disk brakes, the off black color, great big Michelin wheels (as I became more technical in all things bicycling I started to call the 29 inch).

It looked like a solid thing with a solid price tag.

The dude in the shop said it only weighed 11 or so kilos without the wheels. It had never occurred to me that weight came into play with bicycles – I only mention this to express the level of my knowledge of all things bicycling.

I sad those disk brakes look cool and he said they’re hydraulic. Hydraulic brakes on a bicycle, now that was new.


This thing was starting to sound very cool, but what am I going to do with a bicycle in Cyprus, I’m there for a month then leaving.

I have to mention at this point that I have an apartment in Cyprus but I don’t live there and it’s usually rented out.

I did ask the price and if I remember correctly he said about 600 euros which I thought was expensive given my ignorance in all things cycling and how far the whole cycling world had come since I was fifteen but I also thought it was cheap given the workmanship and evident quality.

It also said “German Bicycle Technology” on the bar in the middle and we all know those Germans and their technology.

I oohed and ahhed appropriately, said it’s very nice indeed and made my exit taking with me a dormant liking for the thing.

A pint in the pub around the corner later and I was planning an impulse purchase of a bicycle.

Yes, planning an impulse – I know.

Ten minutes later I was trying the bike and paying for it. Et voila – I have become a cyclist with a cool bike.

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