Biking in Europe – Taking the Ghost Bike?

I’ve been racking my brain about how to go about spending two or three weeks biking around Europe this summer.

Ghost-bike,-nicosia,-cyprus-green-wall Biking in Europe - Taking the Ghost Bike?Above: Exploring the separating wall that divides  Cypriot Nicosia from the Turkish North part. I’d visited before but biking along the wall offers and experience different from driving or walking.   Nicosia remains the last divided city in Europe.

Taking my Ghost bike from Cyprus to Amsterdam and taking it from there?

The issue is it seems like such a drag to half dismantle the bike (handle bar, pedals, front an rear wheels) and then packing it up.

Having a proper bike bag leaves the issue of what to do with the case once I’m at an airport in Europe. It means I’ll have to store the case at the arrival airport or city which means I’ll have to return to that city. So much for free wheeling in Europe.

I could pack it in an improvised cardboard case that I can dispose of but then will I be able to get the necessary materials to make another case for the return from wherever I happen to end up?

And then there’s the hassle of dismantling and mantling again (is that even a word?) twice – once outgoing and once incoming.

There’s also the hassle of getting the thing to an airport for departure – once I arrive I might just dump an improvised case.

Seeing as not I’m such a purist, by “biking’ around Europe in my books probably biking some bits, taking trains on some parts, maybe even hitching with trans Europe trucks r renting the odd car to cover certain stretches.

Another option that’s starting to take shape is to just buy a bike in Europe and sell it at a loss of 150-200 euros. The flip side is that it seems to cost about 160 euros to take a bike return from Cyprus to any European city and back (this is Ryan Air and Easy jet costs from what research shows).

The latter is starting to look more attractive. Maybe sell the bike before I leave – it would only be a few weeks old and not a big loss.

It may well be a cheaper option than renting or freighting one back and forth with all the hassles.

Maybe even store it in whatever city I end up flying back from and then use it again next summer.

Options options.


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