Ballistics – Pretend Time Was Over

Projectile ballistics are awkward at best, throw in a body composed mainly of fluids and your variables are endless.

Given a full metal jacket .50 cal in a sniper rifle, it has been known to cut a target in half at over a k away. FMJ round is one that does not disintegrate in impact – like not a hollow point.

cycling-holiday-in-amsterdam-traditional-homes-in-holland-canal-pleasures-3Close range it can go right through leaving enough damage a grapefruit size projectile will cause – a tube of ground meat from entry to exit. Totally and absolutely lethal no matter how you cut.

The impact alone is enough to knock the life out of anyone, and the and the vibrating whirr to rattle the soul onto the next level.

It’ll blow a limb right off or leave it unrecognisable mush. Being hit by a .50 cal in any way is going you put you out of the game sharpish. You’re survival rate from .50 cal limb hit are very very dodgy indeed at best.

There are questions of how much velocity a bullet will lose going through a sack of liquid the size of a human torso, and how many people a single round will kill.cycling-holiday-in-amsterdam-traditional-homes-in-holland-canal-pleasures-3

In some conditions it has been known to cause a pop effect – the target basically explodes due to some internal pressure play.

Depending on the model and config of your .50 cal gun, you can get firing rates of 450-850 rounds per minute – some can be double loaded and configured for 1,200 rpm or more.

Taking a config of 600 rpm you needed less than 10 seconds to deliver a bullet per jubilant.cycling-holiday-in-amsterdam-traditional-homes-in-holland-canal-pleasures-3

You could hear that gun blazing for a bit longer, reps of 3 – 5 – as we’d been trained – the empty shells as they fell on top of each other having delivered their lethal weight.

Their party abruptly over, some returned fire in our direction, thinking that’s where the firing was coming from.

We were not to engage. We were to learn to duck and shut the fuck up when our orders were to duck and shut the fuck up.

It may have been a few minutes that this went on, or longer, or shorter, but I cycling-holiday-in-amsterdam-traditional-homes-in-holland-canal-pleasures-3remember laying there thinking what the fuck have we just done?

Those guys shooting into that crowd, they be our buddies at camp, the older guys always giving us shit but buddies in the longer view.

Pretend time was over.




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