Amsterdam Spirituality

I’ve been feeling more spiritual these days, no doubt a result of the administrations of that nice Romanian masseuse that does that nice chakra opening thing.

It was hence, chakras all nicely open, and before my first coffee this morning, nary had I crawled out of my tent at about 8, after a lie in, and crossed the ten steps to the kitchen in search of hot water for my coffee, I was asked about my opinion on God and the other big big things of the like.

The questions came in the shape of an 18 to 20 year old girl who’s a fire dancer. She’s part of a group (although she has ‘nothing to do with it’) of young Christian preachers. This group of about 20 arrived a couple of days led by a good looking non nonsense type 30 to 35 year old blond woman who looks like she’d do quite nicely in a bikini. American. Not what you’d expect of a leader of a prayer group.

She arrived with full American volume a couple of days ago. Gary, the girls and myself were sitting in the kitchen area doing what we did for 24 hours solid (then longer afterwards – this would ultimately become a 48 hours) – sat chatting and laughing.

She came marching from stage left, took her biggest breath, and bawled out that everyone needs to tell everyone else that they need to find their tent either in this field or the next.

Having been in the camp for a couple days I hadn’t heard anything remotely as loud as that for a couple days. I’m sure Gary hadn’t heard anything as loud as that in three weeks that he’s been in the camp. The girls, all good German manners and what have you, pretended not to hear but a silent giggle passed between them.

Gary, in his gentle it’s all alright tea kettle type of English coolness put a hand up and said OK.

She took note if us on the clipboard you can see in that thought bubble over her head and promptly turned back to the crowd of 20 something’s milling about and repeated, in case someone two fields down didn’t hear.

Seeing as there was more fun to be had from this, I also put up my hand, uncertainly, as you might be a nervous student addressing a teacher or if your taking things to the absurd realms of Monty Python, and asked if I could tell them too.

It was a young girls from this group who told me that her boyfriend is in this group and she came and joined them. She told me that her parents were part of a Christian religious ‘cult’ – her words – that’s quite well known on Germany and that they left because they wanted to give her a choice. She told me no matter who you’re with (church wise) we all have the same God.
What about you? She asked.

I told her about Cern. She said we’d chat later because her group was leaving to go preach somewhere.

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