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Amsterdam Red Indian

Turns out the American is a sixteen year veteran of the male stripper industry in the US with graphic stories ...
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Amsterdam – Centraal to Schipol

The trip from Centraal to Schipol is worth a mention. I depart camp at about 10. I’m kicking and screaming ...
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Amsterdam cycling holiday travel departure schipol airport

Amsterdam Departure

Yesterday was tense. I decided to fly to Cyprus, Plan A, the way I came. Flight at 2.45. I couldn’t ...
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Amsterdam Feeding

Today before breakfast the prayer group were congregated at the kitchen and were packing to leave. There was a picture ...
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Amsterdam Agent Orange

Operation Agent Orange is not coming along nicely. There is a line of communications so tenuous, so elusive and slippery, ...
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Amsterdam cycling holiday travel departure schipol airport

Amsterdam Spirituality

I’ve been feeling more spiritual these days, no doubt a result of the administrations of that nice Romanian masseuse that ...
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Amsterdam Valencia – Australian

There a quiet guy here from Australia with a perpetual grin and a look on his face that always seems ...
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Amsterdam Electrician

A couple of days ago I get to the café and this guy’s installing a string of lights.   He ...
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Rocky Men’s 8 Inch Retraction 800G Hunting Boot

Leather and textile Synthetic sole Shaft approximately 8" from sole Gunuine thick full-grain leather and nylon upper Mossy Oak Country, ...
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how many pollacks does it take to change a lightbulb

How Many People Does it Take to Change a Lightbulb? No, really.

Right, so last week I woke up before dawn as usual and went to do my thing(s) in the toilet ...
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Drone Camera View of the World

Drone cameras are awesome. They have opened up a whole new world of photography and given us a new bird’s ...
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The SR-71 Blackbird in the Ultimate Aviation Troll

A great story from one of the pilots of the legendary SR-71 Blackbird, (nicknamed "The Sled" by those who flew it) ...
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Canon EOS M10 Mirrorless Camera Sensor Size

Canon EOS M10 Mirrorless Camera | A wicked Little Piece of Kit

Now this here Canon EOS M10 Mirrorless Camera is a wicked little piece of gear because it has no mirror ...
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Cycling-Iran-Dubai-abu-DHabi--to-Oman Abu Dhabi, vu du haut de la tour où on m'a hébergé.

Postcards from the Road | Yves | De Dubaï à l’Océan Indien (Oman)

De Dubaï à l'Océan Indien (Oman) Bonjour à tous, La courte traversée du Golfe Persique en bateau depuis Bander Abbas en ...
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Rolex Watches | History, Mystery, and Marketing Genius

Rolex watches have come to be known as “the only watches that count”. There you go, starting with the PR ...
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Damascus Steel Knives | A Blast from a Mysterious Past

Damascus steel is steeped in history and shrouded mystery and to this day, the sight of the sinewy lines and ...
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Amsterdam – Centraal to Schipol

The trip from Centraal to Schipol is worth a mention.

I depart camp at about 10. I’m kicking and screaming.

Easy ride to the ferry, across the water and I’m in Centraal.

To buy the ticket I walked into the big shiny ticket office with my bicycle, not wanting to faff about with locks now that every minute counts.   When uncertain, I walk slowly into places with the bike, if there’s a problem you hear about it. Today no one says anything and I lean the bike against a clean white post, very carefully, next to where I’ll queue for the ticket..

My turn comes. As the guy in front walks away the teller shouts after him that he has to pay if he wants to take the bike. I say it’s my bike. He shouts after the leaving customer again, that he needs to pay for the bike. I say again.

He calls out a third time –  thedeparting customer turns back says it’s not his.

I look at the teller like dude, I’m standing right here and tell you three times it’s mine.

The clerk is like ah ok. I see now.  It’s yours. Turns to me, and what can I do for you, then, as though he remembered, he tells me I’m not allowed to have the bike inside.

I’m starting to suspect Dutch humour here. I’ll be getting another dose or two before the day is halfway through today. Like from that security guard I asked about the stash.

I think I got a bit snappy here and told him to just give me a ticket to Schipol – me and the bike.

I think they’re used to rushed, tense travelers. He quickly issues the tickets and tells me platform 13.  He says something about train times and bikes but who’s listening.

In the train. It turns out that I am taking my bike on the train at a time when I shouldn’t – no bikes at certain hours. Big loaded bike taking up the whole diagonal of the connecting area between carriages.

Inspector comes through. Little lady who eats nails for dessert. Starts making a fuss about me being in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong ticket no doubt upto no good. She inspects the bike the way the Dutch do – critically and opinionatedly.  She becomes conciliatory. After all I’m with a bicycle, a traveler on a bicycle.  She says something nice, smiles, and turns to leave.

Then, as if remembering something, she turns back.

There’s a German couple sitting in the fold out seats. She didn’t check their tickets. Turns out they’re on the rush hour train with the wrong ticket too.

She writes them up a spot fine – euros are exchanged and a receipt is handed out. Toodle doo, toodle da and whatever else they say in greeting, these Dutch, and off she went.

It struck me that she was in a position to justify handing  out punishment selectively – that both the Germans and I had the broken the same rule but they got a ticket and I didn’t – because I have a bike? Interesting position to take and telling of the depth of official thinking on bikes in Holland. Or maybe she just risked it.

The Germans are smiling and taking it in stride. I’m pretending not to notice what’s going on, pretending that I’m not standing there but am in fact, quite somewhere else.

I haven’t slept more than four hours in two days, there’s  enough going on than I’m comfortable with and no margin for error. I don’t need frazzling by anything else.  Reality is frazzling at the seams.

We arrive Schipol Airport at about 11:30. Three hours to takeoff and lots of volatile variables.