In Actors We Trust

There’s an article in The Reader’s Digest (June 2013 issue) listing the top 100 most trusted people in America. 

It’s not so surprising that Tom Hanks ranked number one – he’s a very likeable sort and he’s famous. Then, of the top ten, five were actors and one was a movie director.

Was I right in seeing irony that the most trusted people in America are those who make a living selling fantasies?

Actually the article is not a simple list of people, but explores issues of trust, attempts to define trust, public perception of famous people, how trust is won, lost, and won back.  This links to the full article.

The top ten reads as follows:

  1. Tom Hanks, actor
  2. Sandra Bullock, actor
  3. Denzel Washington, actor
  4. Meryl Streep, actor
  5.  Maya Angelou, professor, Wake Forest
  6. Steven Spielberg, director
  7. Bill Gates, cofounder, Microsoft
  8. Alex Trebek, host, jeopardy
  9. Melinda Gates, cochair, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  10. Julia Roberts, actor

For the full list and article:

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