Ethiopian coffee, naughty little boy, and a watchful pilgrim

Meanwhile, back at the coffee shop, mama’s all smiles and fresh coffee because pesky foreigner don’t bite, kids go to school, and I’m being monitored by a pilgrim sat across the road. This is kid is off to the kiddy school. Not the teenage kids school the girls hiked to. That was on the other side of the mountain.

Stewart Innes Ethiopia Lalibela coffee school hiking photography

Here’s some mountain stuff you can buy.

Ethiopian coffee.

The bemusement in her face is probably because I’m on my second jug. Goes down easy that stuff.

And if you’re used to drinking coffee in over-sized mugs, like what I is, these little cups go down like shots (mostly tequila).

Consequently: awesome Mugs (no really, it says awesome on the mug).

Stewart Innes Ethiopia Lalibela coffee school hiking photography

There’s that overly used word again – awesome.

Kiddy school might be somewhere nearby, within pointing distance even, according to this naughty little boy.

Probably just behind where that pilgrim type covered in blue has been eyeing me all morning.

Stewart Innes Ethiopia Lalibela coffee school hiking photographySee him over there, behind the mist of incense and wide (5.6) aperture?

Live in a haze of your own with everything incense

Ethiopian Sticks

Just as I try to take a picture of the pilgrim sat across the road this person rudely walks in my way.

Stewart Innes Ethiopia Lalibela coffee school hiking photographyI’m inclined to buy him some of this rude bikini bottom make-up

It’s a him because he’s carrying a stick. Only men do.

Some of these sticks are really lovely. I bought one from a guy on a mountain side.

I’d taken to reach out to the ones I like and find they hand them over for inspection. I inspect them knowingly, tell them I like, and handing it back the way you see snotty samurai handing the swords to their masters. Held firmly in the middle palm down.

I’d been wanting to buy one but I wasn’t sure if it was appropriate to ask. They seem to carry them with some pride and not once had someone offered to exchange it for money.

Except this one enterprising sort. When I showed admiration at the texture, weight, balance, and aesthetics of his stick he said one hundred. I gave him two and got a genuine Ethiopian shoulder knock for my trouble.

He also clicked (like phonetically, not with a mouse) expressing any number of emotions depending on the context, intensity, and click.

Since I couldn’t decipher what type of clicks these were, I decided to tut neutrally and leave.

Lalibela Pilgrim

There he is, the pilgrim sat covered in blue. The kid earlier was pointing at him and explaining something.

Stewart Innes Ethiopia Lalibela coffee school hiking photography

And I’m not sure why all the these annoying kids are gathered there spoiling my shot.

Pilgrim. Watchful, watchful pilgrim.

Stewart Innes Ethiopia Lalibela coffee school hiking photography

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