Rolex Watches | History, Mystery, and Marketing Genius

Rolex watches have come to be known as “the only watches that count”. There you go, starting with the PR and marketing genius. Here is the first four in a series of stories that attempt to explain the secret behind the stellar success of Rolex watches and to shed light on some of the behind the scenes machinations of this fascinating institution and brand.

Whether for good reason or exceptionally great marketing is really up for debate, one fact holds true, that Rolex watches are the watches of choice for those who depend on absolute reliability from their watches (let’s talk high altitude climbers, deep sea divers, your average round the world solo sailor, and golfers (for whatever reason they might need such ultra precision and reliability).


And let’s not forget anyone looking to look the business and giving the impression that their time is so valuable that it requires a $30,000 watch to express every second to anyone with an eye for a watch.   Continue reading

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