Summer 2016 Cycling Holiday | Cyprus | Waiting

And so, having made my orders from Amazon from the hotel in Limassol, providing the hotel address as my delivery address, I settled down for an impatient week or ten day wait for stuff to start arriving.

I’d never ordered stuff from Amazon to Cyprus so there was always the chance of some surprises with delivery and import tax issues.

So I Went to the Beach

Cyprus cycling holiday - oil exploration - limassol - waiting

Now don’t get me wrong, Cyprus is a very luvly jubly place indeed to spend some time, what with its great Mediterranean weather, beaches, nightlife, many places to visit and so forth but I’d been to there so many times before and done it all before and have loads t-shirts to show for it.

And I had a bike and my new phone to take pictures with so I was making the most of it, and enjoying it all.

There’s a spot on the called the G-Spot that I like handing out at. It’s central, easy to get to but also very basic and under some trees so when you’re there it feels like you’re on some distant beach away from the world and the hustle bustle of a big city.

See my Bike there?

Now there have been some oil and gas discoveries offshore between Cyprus, Lebanon and Israel, and occasionally you see some of these huge vessels coming to Limassol port to do whatever it is they do, and the two vessels in the picture below where anchored offshore one day.

Economic observers would note the offshore exploration platforms anchored off Limassol as signs of future financial trends in Cyprus. Others may be observing other things with equal interest.

Cyprus cycling holiday - oil exploration - limassol 1- waiting

I would venture to guess that the one on the left is for laying subsurface pipelines and the one on the right is an exploration drilling derrick.

Exploring the Old Town of Limassol

Cyprus cycling holiday - limassol old town - waiting

And Hotel Estella, which over the years has become almost a second home had a luvly jubly pool bar which is always nice to chill out in the evenings especially after a day out and about on the bike in the heat when you’re too tired to change and go out.

Cyprus cycling holiday - waiting

Also a good opportunity for a quick selfie. See me?

One can also explore the wetlands of the Appelutian Delta, fast disappearing habitat of the highly endangered Slimogemous Frogulus Burpus newt as seen from the International Space Station (more accurately known as moss floating in a little pond near the old Limassol harbour).

Cyprus cycling holiday - limassol old town- waiting

Also, there is a whole new marina development that was opening up just past the old harbor which was well worth exploring and showing off my new found sense of style.

Ah, I’ll have to explain that shirt, and perhaps a few others I was picking up.

Cyprus cycling holiday - food - limassol marina - waiting


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