Asking BLM the Hard Questions

I been simmering in whether to post this for days but the hard questions need to be asked.

Here’s a few hard questions for you nitwits picking on a statue:

Stewart Innes has hard questions for BLM protesters

Do you know?

That the biggest slave traders in history were black Africa tribes capturing people in the African interior and selling them to the highest bidders on the coast? Like it or not.

That the biggest slave traders today are blacks selling blacks to human traffickers in Africa and Indian and Bangladeshi recruiters selling people into indenture? Like it or not.

That the abolition of slavery is a product of western colonial powers and was enforced by the same powers? Like it or not.

That slavery is still legal and practiced in some countries? Go fight it in Mauritania if you’re so passionate about it. But you won’t because you want to operate under the protections and freedoms and comforts afforded to you by the very system you’re raging against.

That you’re financing modern day slavery to look so good? Those Nike sneakers you’re wearing were made by slaves working in indenture in inhumane conditions for barely enough to eat. That goes for the rest of you, with your Fila bag, your fancy shades, your cute coloured backpack, your printed sweatshirt, your funky cap (do tell me what it says – I can’t make it out), your black hoodie, and your phone. Go throw it all that way if you want to protest slavery, but you won’t, you just look and feel so good in it.

That you actions are straight from the KGB handbook? It states that the best wars are not those won by fighting but with internal manipulation, sowing discord, exploiting divisions, and other forms of cultural terrorism inside enemy lines. You with the gray hair, you’re old enough to know this.

That the same handbook is being used by Russia today? Hundreds of thousands of social media posts about BLM are attributed to Russian sources. Probably not, but you probably saw one such post between Kardashian cleavage and your favourite latte and you’ve played straight into enemy hands. Yes you, the smug girl with the phone filming this stupidity.

That the murky leaders of BLMUK are manipulating you and you idiots are playing straight into their hands?

That the stated objective of BLMUK is not to combat racism? It’s stated goals are ‘commitment to dismantle imperialism, capitalism …’. How is that fighting racism? And replace capitalism with what? Communism? With systems that brutally oppressed and killed tens of millions of people in Russia, East Europe, China and elsewhere? That what you want? Yes you, in the black wooly hat, sheep in the blind bleating herd.

That there are nearly 50 million black people in US (nearly 13%)? That’s twice as many voters as Trump’s 25 million core supporters who took control of the country. So why haven’t they been able to organize themselves into a cohesive voting block to effect change politically and legally? Could it be that racism is too good an excuse for their failures? Could it be that some black leaders are benefitting from racial tensions?

That black African governments are the most corrupt on the planet? It’s black African governments that have been pocketing the wealth of their countries and are to blame for the poverty of their people. It’s black governments that have opened the doors to multinationals to exploit their resources to line their own pockets.

That the UK and other white Western powers have poured billions of pounds of aid into Africa because BLM, much of which ends up in the pockets and off-continent accounts of black officials of black governments? Who thinks BLM matters more? White racists governments or black leaders who think some BLM matter more than other?

That it was black Africans that have kidnapped thousands of boys and girls and turned them into child soldiers and sex slaves and forced wives? Go fight those gangs and liberate those slaves, or better stick with statues and western governments because they don’t fight back quite so hard. Yes you, with the black hoodie, dark shades, and the big man’s black boots.

That Liberia was founded by black colonists from the US? Do you know how they treated the indigenous tribes they encountered there? Isolating them what is effectively reservations the same way indigenous Americans have been rounded up? The ensuing unrest and civil war that wiped out some 10% of the original inhabitants? That was black on black, no whites to blame. It’s a typical example of how blaming whites and racism for the woes of black populations in the West is so misplaced.

That your actions have pitted blacks against everybody else? That you’ve turned millions of people who want to see change, justice, and decency for all against you and the whole BLM movement?

Either you’re ignorant of the fact and are acting out of that blind, mislead, ignorance,or you know the facts and are acting out your own malicious agenda and are hypocrites, agitators and vandals.

Take your pick, you can’t have it both ways.

Oh and one more thing, who do you think you are, indeed who gave you the right to impose your views and your will on everyone else?

Dear Police: Here is a picture of a group of people committing a crime – at the very least criminal damage or destruction of public property.

If they are not prosecuted, is it a precedent that I may go out and topple public property that I find offensive?

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