Ghost bike cycling holiday in Amsterdam Holland Red Indian

Amsterdam Red Indian

Turns out the American is a sixteen year veteran of the male stripper industry in the US with graphic stories ...
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Amsterdam – Centraal to Schipol

The trip from Centraal to Schipol is worth a mention. I depart camp at about 10. I’m kicking and screaming ...
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Amsterdam cycling holiday travel departure schipol airport

Amsterdam Departure

Yesterday was tense. I decided to fly to Cyprus, Plan A, the way I came. Flight at 2.45. I couldn’t ...
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Amsterdam cycling Holland holiday camping

Amsterdam Feeding

Today before breakfast the prayer group were congregated at the kitchen and were packing to leave. There was a picture ...
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Amsterdam Agent Orange

Operation Agent Orange is not coming along nicely. There is a line of communications so tenuous, so elusive and slippery, ...
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Amsterdam cycling holiday travel departure schipol airport

Amsterdam Spirituality

I’ve been feeling more spiritual these days, no doubt a result of the administrations of that nice Romanian masseuse that ...
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Amsterdam Valencia – Australian

There a quiet guy here from Australia with a perpetual grin and a look on his face that always seems ...
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Amsterdam Electrician

A couple of days ago I get to the café and this guy’s installing a string of lights.   He ...
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Rocky Men’s 8 Inch Retraction 800G Hunting Boot

Leather and textile Synthetic sole Shaft approximately 8" from sole Gunuine thick full-grain leather and nylon upper Mossy Oak Country, ...
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how many pollacks does it take to change a lightbulb

How Many People Does it Take to Change a Lightbulb? No, really.

Right, so last week I woke up before dawn as usual and went to do my thing(s) in the toilet ...
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Drone Camera View of the World

Drone cameras are awesome. They have opened up a whole new world of photography and given us a new bird’s ...
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The SR-71 Blackbird in the Ultimate Aviation Troll

A great story from one of the pilots of the legendary SR-71 Blackbird, (nicknamed "The Sled" by those who flew it) ...
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Canon EOS M10 Mirrorless Camera Sensor Size

Canon EOS M10 Mirrorless Camera | A wicked Little Piece of Kit

Now this here Canon EOS M10 Mirrorless Camera is a wicked little piece of gear because it has no mirror ...
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Cycling-Iran-Dubai-abu-DHabi--to-Oman Abu Dhabi, vu du haut de la tour où on m'a hébergé.

Postcards from the Road | Yves | De Dubaï à l’Océan Indien (Oman)

De Dubaï à l'Océan Indien (Oman) Bonjour à tous, La courte traversée du Golfe Persique en bateau depuis Bander Abbas en ...
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Rolex Watches | History, Mystery, and Marketing Genius

Rolex watches have come to be known as “the only watches that count”. There you go, starting with the PR ...
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Damascus Steel Knives | A Blast from a Mysterious Past

Damascus steel is steeped in history and shrouded mystery and to this day, the sight of the sinewy lines and ...
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Amsterdam Red Indian

Turns out the American is a sixteen year veteran of the male stripper industry in the US with graphic stories of debauchery to match. He fell pout with one of the big producers in the industry ‘worth 700 million’ and that basically ended his career in the US. Couldn’t even open a club.
AT age 30 he enrolled in college and spent 7 years studying psychology but due to com-lex issues that he has, that I have as yet not been able to what manner of issues they are, he has not worked in the field.
Two years ago he tried going pro golf – played two PGA rounds but his bulk was hindering him. He bulked up for his dance career.
I take a ride around the forest again and take some pictures.
I come across a small pub in the road, see pics. It’s here there’s a beautiful soul. Young and old, strong and fragile. I leave a big tip. I turn and nod straight at her in thanks as I leave. There’s that smile. The one that hasn’t been used before. She’s old enough to have serve me Jack.
I find myself in a room with lovely things hanging from the ceiling and a group in Sunday casuals playing cards in the corner. I still look like I just stepped off a beach in Cyprus.
A lunch of raw beef and old cheese ensues. A chefly (like looks like chef) looking guy appears behind the bar. I ask him if he’s going to be cooking my raw meat.
All three jumped in at pains to explain that in fact I’d ordered raw beef, that it’s raw, uncooked – onnerworst, get it?
I said yes, it was a joke.
Agent Orange takes on a new dimension, night at camp. Departure tomorrow, standard route.
The two other German groups that joined us last night had never heard f the place where Mountain Man comes from. I’ve taken to calling him that on account of his clothes and the fact that he does things at one point six hundred meters up in the Alps.
Dimensions. Light translation.
Here’s a waffle from earlier, help me with wordcount.
I got a feel of the translation of visible light and wavelength readings that sensors in digital cameras do.
I suspect sensors have nothing to do with colors. They are numbers and computations being made by the different wavelengths of light arriving to it.
It doesn’t see red, it reads the wavelength, a number.
There’s something about the translation of light that I’m not getting.
I start the day on the sharp edge, It’s my last day in Amsterdam and I’m going to enjoy.