Mughali jigi jigi

Mughali Jigi Jigi

A Mughali Prince's version of laying on the Barry White to get some jigi jigi.   Try here for ...
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Stewart Innes Kuwait 7500 city

Looking for the first temple city

I heard of an archaeological dig taking place somewhere in the north of Kuwait. A team had discovered and begun ...
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20190103-Stewart-Innes-Cyprus-Limassol coffee starbucks christmas fb

I came to Starbucks to ignore people

I came to Starbucks to ignore people because I know how much it bugs them. Figured the best place to do ...
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20181231-Stewart-Innes-Cyprus-Limassol craft beer pub old city chairs craft beer fb

Talking Hops and Yeast

Last night I ended up talking hops and yeast with a guy running a pub type brewery with buckets fermenting ...
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20181231-Stewart-Innes-Cyprus-Limassol beer tap 1 fb


Multitool your life with this ...
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20181231-Stewart-Innes-Cyprus-Limassol tank 2 fb

Searching for a Narrative

Gnarled and twisted tree at Amathus site with an empty bench speaks of things past. The 'cult' of Aphrodite. Gnarled ...
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20181215 Stewart Innes food moules food photography FB 1

Decimation of Moulies

A prominent international group of cognitive neuroscientists, neuropharmacologists, neurophysiologists, neuroanatomists and computational neuroscientists all came together to agree with me ...
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20181230-Stewart-Innes-Cyprus-Limassol sunset on road FB Size 12

Jittery Times

I did set a mission to retrieve m tent, the one I left stashed on the side of the road ...
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2018122-Stewart-Innes-Cyprus-back to Limassol hotel FB size 2

We need to listen in new ways.

I returned back to Limassol and checked into this place last night – it’s where I spent much of last ...
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20181227-Stewart-Innes-Cyprus-Limassol Trees Chairs and Drinks FB size 12

Opinions, Bad Decisions, & I Got the T-shirt

I’m not sure what the word clear means in politics, but I’m sure its the same as what I think ...
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The Gashes on my Head

The gashes on my head are from a headfirst dive into in a bush while coming down Amathus hill in ...
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Stewart Innes Ghost

Cyprus December 2018 – Germans and Crack

I just sent the picture below to Ghost. They be nice people it seems to me. :) I always did ...
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Stewart Innes bitcoin down

Bitcoin at $3700 – down from $8000 –

Well there we go then, bitcoin and crypto prices in freefall for the last two weeks. I bought Bitcoin on ...
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Stewart-Innes-Ghost-affiliate knife

Affiliate Marketing and a Rather Abrupt Amazon

Here is some product photography. I’ve been affiliate marketing – one way or the other – for about three years ...
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